Nutshell Smart Watch Made Based on Personal Interest

On April 20, China’s smart watch market leader in electronic Nutshell Smart Watch published a report on user habits, the report is based on a user survey of its second-generation products GEAK Watch II is obtained.

It is understood, GEAK Watch II is officially on sale by the end of 2014, is the world’s first complete round smart watch dial. Compared to the same period of the watch and smart, GEAK Watch II has a lot of unique characteristics that can “normally obvious” screen time, far more than similar products of standby time, built-in app store, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth multiple connectivity options standard 24mm strap axis may be arbitrarily replace the strap, and so on.

Although the market has been a year, but GEAK Watch II a lot of features, and some have been smart watch later followed suit, there are many still unique in the market.

Nutshell Electronics currently not published GEAK Watch II sales, but multiple copies of data from third-party research firm show, GEAK Watch II overall market share in China domestic brands in the front position. Overall, Nutshell electronic publication of data reporting or have a high reference value.

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