Smart Watches Provide More Chances for Traditional Watch Makers

March 24 reported that the Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer (TAG Heuer) and Japan’s Casio watches and other computer companies are to compete in the field of smart watches. Each company will re-think the smart watch to attract young people back to the watch market. On the other hand, Omega and other high-end Swiss watch manufacturer believes that smart watch is “totally different” items, to enter the market cautious. Held in Switzerland on “Basel Watch Fair (Baselworld)”, “Japanese Economic News” observed global trends watchmaker.

“Because there is no requirement to predict before this happens.” November 2015, launched the $ 1,500 TAG Heuer Tiger smart watch, chief executive officer (CEO) Jean – Claude Beaver (Jean-Claude Biver) regret at the news conference. TAG Heuer Tiger because of smart watch a launch, on a global scale, sold 20,000, even once out of stock. “I have great confidence in this market.” Tag Heuer has decided to produce an additional 60,000.

Apple after the US launch smart watches in 2015, you can use e-mail and a variety of software for this new product has been unprecedented attention. According to the US research firm IHS statistics, in 2014 the market scale will reach 3.6 million by 2020 is expected to exceed 100 million. After the smart phone manufacturers, many traditional watch manufacturers have begun to get involved.

World watch market often ignore good ignore bad. In addition to economic trends, popularity of smart phones has also led to the young no longer need to watch. For the full year more than 1.3 billion of the overall watch production, the smart watch is still only a very small scale. Thus, in the traditional watch industry, as compared with the existing concerns about Smart Watch products compete, the more looking forward to get the needs of young people through smart watch.

Casio exhibited in use when hiking and fishing “for outdoor use smart watch WSD-F10”. Waterproof function, but also networking record climbing routes. Casio has been with models of mobile communications, this watch Andrews smart watches dedicated platform (Android Wear), officially entered the smart watch market. WSD-F10 will be available March 25, Casio president Kashio and macros Prior, “said customer response was very good.”

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