World Renowned Watch Maker in the World

Reporters learned from Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association, according to customs statistics, in 2003 China exports 845 million watches, clocks products and accessories exports amounted to $ 1.1 billion, respectively, compared with last year rose 10.3% and 22.5% . China accounted for 80% of global output clocks, and watches manufactured in Shenzhen accounted for 40% of the world. After nearly 20 years of efforts, Shenzhen has become the world’s watch manufacturing truly are.

It is understood that the Shenzhen company currently has nearly 900 watches, clocks and watches in the domestic, the “Shenzhen” Whether sales or sales account for nearly 7 percent of Guangdong Province. In Shenzhen, the Pearl River Delta as the leading watch industry, has brought together the Chinese watch industry 90% of capacity. From the perspective of brand growth, according to the National Commercial Information Center, Shenzhen-made watch brand “FIYTA”, “according to wave”, “King”, “Renault”, “Meno”, “Maier Ge”, “King” “Eastern Star” and more than 30 sales of more than 60% of the domestic watch business sales. In the country’s major commercial outlets, department stores can see the Shenzhen-made watch brand to attract consumers.

From a design perspective, marking the top technology watch design table space has been overcome Shenzhen FIYTA. FIYTA table space is designed with a lot of complex spatial factors of space travel, such as the atmosphere, temperature, radiation, atomic oxygen, vibration, acceleration, acoustic environment, through three years of research finally successfully developed China’s own development of the aerospace table. It is understood that the current global watch industry brands can produce only three table space, the other two brands Omega and FORTIS. Success FIYTA table space, not only to win the honor for the people of Shenzhen, but also greatly enhance the level of China-made watches.

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