Five Most Valuable Watches Worth to Buy

Play table according to personal preference and financial resources have a variety of options, there are table fans only buy big brands, play function, but also re-shape, or love unique or homemade movement. Now the movement is in power, even if the price beyond the quality of some brands, but because of the appearance of cool, we still rush. In fact, play table happy enough, first, whether the outcome will be? Basically it’s residual value than other hedge commodity, if they can carefully choose the brand and watches a few years may also be a small profit. Following several watches worth starting, the strength of the high table Friends playing table Young people can choose introductory paragraph, Rolex everyone is doomed to failure, the most correct choice, early morning to buy earn, hesitate to follow lean purse.

Anyway, basically play table or to return to the fundamentals, the only choice if you want to add value “to the table,” time for space. New table to resell in the short term there will always depreciation, second-hand table usually more preserved, at least in one hand and assume most of the depreciation has been before. Well-known mainstream brands of watches are more worthy of starting, now is a good time to buy on dips. More information search the web, more shopping watch shop, or communicate with enthusiasts, the only way to learn more about the market, is the economic downturn of the purchase table.

Breguet’s many female friends Naples Naples is very much like the watch, it is the most collectible in recent years, is the best preserved mechanical female Menu, it has developed several generations, although sales of jewelry style is good, but still in the first generation of the most desirable. Oval-shaped case, the outer edge of the inner side of the outer edge of the disk and bezel, inside and outside each inlaid diamond ring, this practice is rare, even the folding clasp also inlaid diamonds. The face plate of the function is powerful, when K gold carved, minute disc below the overall ranking of the face plate, small seconds at seven o’clock, at the top of mother of pearl face plate with a pledge month, also has energy display this design is very rare, because the movement in the downward phase of the moon and the energy required mechanisms to migrate to the top of the gear, which in the design of the entire gold movement to be more cost some effort. The self-winding function is more practical, almost zero missing female watch, priced from just launched more than NT $ 12.8 million has so far risen to about 1.2 million, one can imagine there are increasing rise potential, it is worth starting the female form.

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