Home-made Smart Watch and Its Operating System

On a smart watch operating system introduced in small series lead us to a rough comparison of what smart watch four different operating systems, and four very unique smart watch. This small series will bring you introduce domestic smartwatch operating system.

With the open-source smartphone operating system android’s rise, there have been many domestic-based Android developers to add their own distinctive phone UI, which we all know are miui, flyme, lewa like. In the field, there are some smart watch manufacturers are not satisfied with the smart phone ui, began developing smart watch UI android-based, such as the Big Three bat: Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu.

Well, let’s look at the characteristics duwear, though, is based on the android open source project customization, but duwear compatible with most android wear applications. Thus, in addition to its own market dial, duwear also supports many third-party dial. At the same time thanks to the support Baidu search engine, watch what they want to know you can search by voice, duwear for the whole Chinese interface, suitable for domestic use. Baidu and Duwear integrate internal resources, since you can check your watch position, given food, and can use Baidu wallet to pay on your watch, and convenient. Of course, in addition to these features, duwear also news notifications.

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