Luo Jiedu Flagship Store Opens in Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road shopping district, as Shanghai landmarks and fashion vane, dedicated to presenting the world’s top consumer trends and fashion, in fact, the world famous competition for land. Swiss luxury watch brands Luo Jiedu He’s strong settled, bound to infuse new vitality. Brand with distinctive furnishings and unique collections count when creating extraordinary world of art.

Luo Jiedu He has always been to provide a unique watch tradition, according to customer demand meter personalized custom too. Today, the brand is more systematic approach to extend this service to all levels, to ensure that watch each one unique. Therefore, the brand commitment to provide customers with exclusive, creative and private services to enable people Luo Jiedu He immersed in the extraordinary world, Luo Jiedu also let into their world.

Store design using global synchronization, the gold, red and black and other colors clever use of stark contrast. Precious wood, marble, leather texture and furniture made of transparent glass display case will Luo Jiedu He distinguished elegance snarky, filling the unique brand of watchmaking artistry Workshop; not very bright and eye-catching, but glass yet elegant.

And Luo Jiedu He flagship store is located in Geneva Staley Rich Square, as Nanjing West Road set up a special service for the customization set of “Rarities rarity” extraordinary world, Luo Jiedu He is interested in watches may borrow from the “Rarities rarity” philosophy, and actively participate in the creation of dollars when exceptional, not only can choose any watch as a basis, better able to reflect the individual’s unique personality and taste thereon.

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