Much Safer and Faster Way to Control Time

In all of these features are targeted on foot and on ads that promote consistent, walking on unfamiliar mountain wrist can check a variety of useful information, which is kind of fun. From a functional point of view, I think that no one is indispensable, but this Casio watch but the function of the absolute majority needed for hikers. Of course, other Android smart watch can also provide some of the corresponding function.

This watch also has a deficiency, it can not display the remaining charge as like other Android smart watches. Even so, I think the battery performance of this watch is still very good, heavy use two days without problems. If I only use monochrome display mode, the standby time will be significantly increased. This watch is for long-term camping may not be the best choice, but the watch of standby time should not exceed your phone’s standby time.

I personally think that this smart watch outdoor watches as a foot was outstanding. But rather than call it a smart watch intelligent outdoor hiking watch, I think it lacks some outdoor sports features, such as its built-in App application can record information steps, riding and fishing scenes, but only according to data derived from the change in time, and can not provide accurate data recording for professional athletes. Even if the watches built Runkeeper and Viewranger program used to record data, but the watch does not have rhythm sensor and GPS receiver, and with the price of similar products mostly have this feature. Thermometer would have been a bright spot, but the Casio watch is not able to display the temperature data on the panel directly, but through the application Android Weather App to show, very convenient.

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