The Most Important Luxury Smart Watch from Famous Maker

Last month, the luxury brand TAG Heuer Tiger launched its first smart watch TAG Heuer Connected, the price reached $ 1,500 (equivalent to 9601 yuan). This is the TAG Heuer Tiger and Google, Intel jointly launch a product that Android Wear system with Intel processors. TAG Heuer Tiger it was called “the most intelligent luxury watches,” Google is known as the “run Android Wear’s first luxury watch.”

Recently, some foreign media reported that strong sales performance Connected watches, many places have emerged in short supply. Thus, TAG Heuer Tiger had to increase production capacity to meet market demand. As for the specific data, Bloomberg reported, Connected watches in the world has received more than 100,000 orders. Therefore, the TAG Heuer Tiger production from 1,200 units to 2,000 units a week lifting a week.

And, even more exaggerated, in order to resist the crazy consumers, TAG Heuer Tiger had to suspend sales Connected online and physical retail store is only open to consumers. Of course, the store can not buy can not be determined. In short, Connected watch this success to the company’s confidence, and said it will launch more intelligent watch next year.

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