Three Men were Caught Because of Selling Fake Watches by Webchat

This is a micro-channel for chatting, dating software, was used to open up a lot of people “making money.” 1, the reporter from Shanting Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team was informed a few days ago, the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade shanting find someone selling fake designer watches in the micro letter, verified after the case of someone suspects arrested.

Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police shanting enterprises build micro-channel platform received micro Friends Report: deng Shanting European situation Court Community sales of high imitation watches on the micro-channel. After receiving the alarm, shanting Economic Investigation Brigade police immediately carry out the investigation in conjunction with the mountain.

After investigation that police investigators, since September 2014, the suspect Dengmou, Lin Moumou, Zheng Moumou account for the use of their micro-channel platform, through the micro-channel, microblogging release sales, agent information, through Paypal, micro-channel wallet way transaction, and for the country to recruit agents than 20 people, selling fake Vacheron Constantin, Omega, Longines watches and other famous international brands more than 5000, the market value of 11 million yuan, Detention 3, 4 bail. This case is the first case since Governor Zaozhuang Economic Investigation unit system this year.

Police investigators told reporters that the suspect Dengmou first in their circle of friends drying out of these so-called brand-name watches pictures, these are brand-name watches market price is ten thousand dollars a watch, which is very cheap in Dengmou, five, six hundred will be able to buy one, some even cheaper. If someone fancy piece of the table, you can privately and through the micro-channel contact deng determine the final price, the use of micro-channel purse money call deng, buyers waiting for receipt on the line. The whole process does not require the parties to meet, to see the goods, bargain all through the micro channel is completed, the transaction process is very subtle. In the grasp of a lot of evidence after the fact, the police began to arrest, will have someone’s Dengmou and other suspects were arrested and brought to justice.

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