Important Android Wears in 2014

If AndroidWear 2014 marks the release of wearable devices in Kaiyuan, the 2015 can be described as the global market wearable pack and play for one year. According to GfK data show that: in 2015 the global market wearable device shipments reached seventy-two million units shipped in 2014 compared to an increase of more than doubled. Of course, most of the contribution which comes from inside Apple and Samsung. As such inference momentum is expected in 2016, the global market will wearable exceeded one million units.

That said, the domestic market situation of global wearable wearable device market, we look at. In 2015, China has become the world’s second-largest wearable device market, market size reached 12.58 billion yuan, retail sales volume grew 321 percent compared with 2014. We can say that China is already the wearable market can not ignore the important part.

We have to analyze the reasons. From a consumer perspective, China wearable devices, smart watches recognition rate more than half by 2015, 24% of people are willing to in the coming year to buy. At the same time people are smart watch features have expected. This aspect reflects the expansion of the market to meet consumer demand, while people on the wearable device is unknown and expectations also contributed to the development of the wearable device.

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