Spend 25 Bucks to Buy Apple Watch

Since the United States “Affordable Care Act” passed, employers started to more actively develop incentives, such as cash, gift cards, and health insurance incentives to encourage more employees to exercise. A study Fidelity Investments and the National Business Group Health show that last year US companies to provide employees with incentives to achieve an average of $ 693 per employee, up from $ 594 in 2014. In addition, many employers are trying to encourage employee participation in health risk assessment project, so that companies can master the employees’ health data.

Fitbit says has more than 1,000 corporate clients to provide employees with the company’s motion tracking device. Last fall, for example, to the United States 335 000 Target employees free or discounted price Fitbit wristband. In addition, UnitedHealth Group announced on Tuesday that offer employees custom motion tracking devices, and if the employee reaches the target daily exercise, you can win up to $ 1,460 per year bonus.

In Wednesday’s Vitality program, participating employees can pay $ 25 for activities, in order to obtain an Apple Watch watch. In the ensuing two years, if not able to accomplish a specific goal of the movement, such as walking ten thousand steps a day, you need to pay staff follow-up costs of $ 13.50 per month. If the employee completed moving target, you will not have to pay the fee.

Vitality Group is a financial services provider in South Africa Discovery’s company. The company’s founder and CEO Adrian Gore (Adrian Gore) said that only individual employees can view Vitality Apple Watch data. The company will subsequently aggregated data reported to the employer, including employee engagement, as well as athletic performance.

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