The Final Form of Future Watches

With the popularity of smart phones and network technology, people’s work and life have been greatly convenient. But the human desire is endless, to achieve anytime, anywhere mobile communication, watch videos, read news, people want to be able to handle further freed. Such as motion detection, without prejudice to our office and living at the same time, achieve access to real-time data. With such a demand and desire of people to put the concept of intelligent people who layouts, since you want to liberate your hands, then use the other parts of the body, such as eyes, arms, ears, etc., will be placed in the computer the other parts of the body, that is “wear” concept, which in fact will have its first prototype –Plus Four Directions wrist device as early as 1927. But it has been subject to scientific and technological development speed and degree of integration of the chip, it has not been made to the promotion and development of a large area.

As science and technology matures and the popularity of smart phones, Google, Samsung, Apple these giants need a new industry to achieve further expansion of territory, so wearable device concept entered the people’s vision. 2011 Jawbone UP advent wrist wearable merchandise officially come out, officially opened the new era of wearable devices. Bracelet concept sparked again Reflections on wearable devices, wearable device that is the form of what? Hat? Or glasses? According CWCISA Industry Research Center survey, users expect in the form of wearable devices, watches this form up to 70 percent of the expected value, beat glasses and bracelets these forms, showing consumers prefer to see the watch intelligent.

This time insight into the domestic needs of users and does not lag behind foreign and domestic intelligence equipment manufacturers to quickly realize the possibility of intelligent watches and put into practice. But the smart watch and bracelet is different, first of all need to watch the screen, but the watch itself is extremely stylish properties, the appearance must be attractive enough to attract the eye. As a smart watch market of early adopters, hardware bottlenecks gave domestic intelligence equipment manufacturers to bring great difficulties. You can refer to the lack of mature products on the market, but the supply chain nor for smart watch parts, a large number of components are required customization. On the screen, the smart watch round Why so little in the early stage of development, a large part of the reason is that fewer orders small manufacturers, the cost of custom-circular screen also risen, while the electronic circuit board equipment mostly square, circular design on the need to further increase the cost of customization.

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