The Top 10 World Famous Watches and Their Prices

Table in the eyes of ordinary people is not a necessity, even with the popularity of mobile phones and some people do not wear a watch, but there is a certain status of the people, as well as wearing a watch to wear what table it is very important. At this time, if the world’s Top Ten Lists ranking this presentation, the table for those who need it must be a good help. That which in the end it is what kind of ranking? I take you into the world’s Top Ten Lists ranking and price development team.

Watches refers not simply be able to say the brand name of the table, but on behalf of the country and have a certain well-known international watch. These watches tend to have certain advantages in terms of quality, workmanship, etc. A few years ago by the China region, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan place spontaneously selected a number of 100 watches from the world rankings in the top ten list.

Patek Philippe brand of watches manufactured as one of the only remaining independent Swiss watch brand, this product is its own production from start to finish, and to train such brand watchmakers take at least a decade. It can be said, if you really apprenticeship, training these watchmakers the immeasurable price. Is such a cautious attitude made this last two and enduring brands. This brand of watches has reached more than four million US dollars of the price table record.

Audemars Piguet watches, the brand was founded by two young people founded in 1975, production of watches are generally very creative, it contains a lot of complex functions. For example, table Tuo 1889 would also have asked the table, timer, calendar and other functions, sports watch in 1972 is even more sensational watch industry. We can say that this is a collection of creative brands and tables, low price of just over twenty thousand yuan, more than ten million twenty tens of thousands of high normal.

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