Couple Makes Fake Watches in Their Own House

Last summer, police discovered the Internet, some people use social chat, upload pictures and text to promote the sale of Cartier, Tissot, Longines watches and other brands.

“These watches only sell a few hundred dollars, the price is far below the market price, there is suspicion of selling counterfeit goods.” Huainan City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Xiejiaji battalion Gu Guang-chu, the police then contact the seller online, He says fancy a Longines watch, after bargaining with the seller, and finally to 500 yuan price to buy this watch. Police sent the courier sent Longines watches identification, identified as fake Longines watches, but this really watch the price of 9,000 yuan.

In order to get more evidence, the police went on the Internet to contact the seller, said several of his relatives and friends to see him wearing a Longines watch, I heard that the price is very cheap, but also must buy. Thanks to the initial transaction, the seller of the police is trust, said he surnamed Li, in Tianjiaan Huainan City has a supermarket counter, if the police need to buy, you can go directly to the store, the number of goods to the number of goods.

Police then went to Lee counters secret investigation, found the shop run by Lee Jeong and his wife, in addition to selling the table, but also maintenance of various tables. Counter computer, when no customers, they chat with people in front of the computer, most of the content is to introduce buyers own sales of watches.

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