Marry Bought A Renault Watch in Local Store

“We’re getting married recently, two months ago, her boyfriend to accompany me to buy ‘three gold,’ I gave her boyfriend bought a Renault brand watches, nearly 3000 yuan after kick off.” Mary said, because Reynolds watches big brands, but also equipped with a special counter in the supermarket, she and her boyfriend both strongly believe the brand.

Mary introduced her boyfriend in the city in a large textile mill work, usually do not wear watches how, communication and entertainment only when wearing, no bump beat. “March 12, we went together to discuss my wedding things, my boyfriend wears a watch to go. But the car on the road, watch bracelet actually fails disconnected, into two parts, watches, fell to the ground, if not Note that the watch almost lost. ”

Buy a new watch can not be normal wear, Mary and her boyfriend are very suck. “March 16, we went to see Renault counters, but the staff said not all the exterior parts warranty only covers the movement.” Mary said, when she wanted to return or replace the watch was rejected counter staff .

On March 18, Mary once again found Renault consultation counter watch deal with matters in the end, agreed to counter free replacement a watch Mary, Mary agreed. “Integrity management more expensive than gold, good quality can certainly get people’s recognition and praise, the seller should be responsible for the quality of the goods, it should be a positive solution to a problem, not prevarication. I hope things get people to increase rights awareness, jointly resist trade issues. “

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