New Types of Watch Developed by Xiaomi

Some media reports, co-founder and vice president Liu said the company millet, millet smart watch project underway, but specific information is temporarily unavailable disclosed. This also means that the price of mobile phones known as the butcher of millet reached the turn smart watch area, do not know Huawei Samsung Apple MOTO after hearing this news will not feel a little pressure.

Currently circulating on the Internet information about the millet smart watches are just guessing, whether circular dial or the use of metal materials to build now has not been determined, it is possible with other brands crash appearance, but has not yet announced specific products before, everything all just speculation.

As for the operating system, the biggest possibility is based on Andriod Wear millet will build a proprietary system, similar to MIUI this style, but MIUI millet achievements in terms of, we have reason for millet smart watch system have expectations.

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