Watches Used for Cheat during Examination

Amazon Watch ad claiming that they are “designed for cheating” and design. A watch have 4GB of text files or pictures of electronic storage space, it can be displayed on the watch screen. If you press the “panic button”, watch the other button is disabled, because the watch is switched to the conventional electronic timepiece clock face. Marketing, advertising, said such electronic form “learn” and is compatible with miniature wireless headset.

Another ad promises that such a watch, “can view the exam notes directly on your wrist is a great secret weapon test.” This year another new electronic timepiece has 8GB of storage space, you can save the video file.

Examination rules may prohibit the smart watch hidden files or other electronic forms of electronic equipment into the examination room, such as a cell phone or other computer technologies. But Vice President Joe Sidders has contacted the BBC, and warned that the popular small wearable device can be a “manager’s nightmare.” He said: “I believe that such equipment hidden market accounts for a large proportion of sales in Amazon’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

Joe Sidders vice principal said, trying to sell these items to students and pressure on business is very irresponsible, these students may be caught and disqualified all examinations. He hoped to take a tough stance Examination Committee, issued a challenge to provide such equipment. Meanwhile, Joe Sidders expressed concern that if the use of such equipment in wide circulation, then the authenticity of the test results should be questioned.

Amazon has an electronic form, in the United States for $ 61 (about 398 yuan) price sale, it can be shipped to Europe. Which electronic form in the United Kingdom also have advertising, but currently out of stock.

Another advertising a price on the UK market is 44 pounds (about 406 yuan) cheating watches, watch which is sold through an American seller. The market also has a “cheat pen”, which allows students to hide information in the pen. eBay is also cheating watch advertising, can be purchased directly from online retailers.

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