When Should Domestic Watches Change Their Own Development Route?

Just today, that is, on April 10, the second session of the China Electronics Fair in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center official program, and this Expo will also release more than 3000 new products and new technologies. As is now wearable intelligent device concept and product trends fiery, leaving aside the most far and IT digital electronic products not to mention, we XDA smart phone network front-line staff also went straight to the Hall 4 delineated wearable intelligent terminal exhibition.

But it is somewhat disappointing that the wearable smart devices display area, no more knowledgeable and less relevant to the wearable device is exhibited. A little-known point or had heard before, quite similar to Jawbone up outside plump smart bracelet series 2. More, that is, from Shenzhen each entrepreneurial team (perhaps more appropriately entrepreneurship workshop) demonstrated filled with smart watches wearable intelligent terminal exhibition.

I thought, in order to “micro-innovation of hardware,” said a Shenzhen foster this environment, will have a little refreshing smartwatch products coming out. However, after several interludes between the size of a few square meters of exhibition to and fro, I found that the first impression of the exhibition, Ling Lang everywhere smart watch, gives, or is called illusion, that is, we seem to have exposure to Huaqiang North, a variety of small stalls.

Because, not polite to say, just pick up one of a smart watch, it will be able to guess the function of 7788, few to a few to go, nothing more than just a handful of commonly tasteless. And, most smart watches are located in the “mobile phone companion”, and can not exist independently of smart phones, so if you can insert a SIM card, as a stand-alone wearable smart devices to make calls, it is already a great “micro-innovation.”

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