Mechanical Watches Should be Put Away from Magnetic Field

Pay attention to the taste of life, in favor of mechanical watches, Mr. Xu want to have their own mechanical watch. Two months ago, he was in the Metro Mall New Omega watch shop, he found the perfect style: silver dial, rose gold hands, modeling simple and chic. The Omega watch, worth about 20,007 yuan. Xu heart under the joy, immediately bought.

Watch valuable, but Mr. Xu also wear or ten, this table would often make him a headache. “Mechanical watch needs care, the accuracy is limited, and I know it.” Xu helpless, can these days, it stopped two or three times. “Helplessness”, the brands Xu will watch back for repair. The next day, call the Maintenance Department will inform Mr. Xu cause: watch element is not unusual, by magnetism, it is the main cause of stop and go.

“Watch is a precision instrument. Which part, the addition of the use of steel materials.” New Omega shop staff Miss Zhou explained, therefore, the magnetic field can easily interfere with its “operation.” Brands that, like Mr. Xu Mahjong . Electric “mahjong shuffling by magnetic force generated by the magnetic field naturally small. Mechanical affected, unusual, but.” Ms Chow explained.

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