Tencent Smart Watch Might be Shown in the Future

This year, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, millet, Tencent and other companies have introduced its smart watch strategy to the emerging smart wearable device market to seize the initiative. A general consensus in the industry is doing the smart wearable device, the core or technical innovation, as well as its understanding of consumer demand and grasp, which contains a number of aspects of the design, supply chain, software development, project management, only every aspect well in order to win the market.

The smart watch will be solutions for users in more scenarios optimized to provide payment transactions, voice recognition and other functions, while others live service functions such as booking reservations, please, a taxi, fast boarding and other features will be rolled out in user-friendly using a variety of environments. It is a veritable “personal assistant.”

In addition, from the point of view photographs, which will contain the Smart Watch smartwatch mainstream features, including: Dynamic statistics, micro-channel transceiver, answering phones, built-in music, e-mail reminders. These basic functions will satisfy the user sports, entertainment and communication needs, it also means TencentOS smartwatch solutions users will live, work and entertainment are included within the scope of services to make intelligent use of the watch scene richer.

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