Which Brand can be Taken as the King of National Watch?

With the development of mobile Internet tends to be slow, things in this new field become the people’s attention, and in the middle of things, to achieve the highest degree of intelligent watches from concept to reality. After a year of growing pains, smart watch industry in 2015 ushered in the jet pit development. In many smart watches, Ticwatch, Moto 360 and the second-generation smart watch Huawei Watch as the domestic market performance really matter home or abroad are very eye-catching, appeared to be over in 2015, and today small for everyone to bring the three Hengping smart watches to see who is the real Chinese imperial table.

From 2016 also it seemed a few days, and as a small series of science and technology, can not be said of intelligent industry witnesses, but as intelligent industry witness or no problem. Technology industry like fashion show, each of which is various fashion design brand, year, which inevitably ran out a few games show, stir fry own brand. In previous years, this fashion show is the biggest surprise in mobile phone, but this year, has become a consumer smartwatch another object of interest.

The Hengping chose these three watches, on the one hand the three watches considered the benchmark level of products in the industry, on the other hand, the three have a lot of the same characteristics, and as a domestic brand (Motorola is Lenovo after the acquisition has become a domestic brand, do not Tucao), these three watches have a high degree of attention.

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