Hard Time for Traditional Watch Sales

Although the tablet this year the situation is not very good, but analysts generally believe that the fourth quarter of this year that is able to usher in a turning point. On the one hand is the law of the Tablet PC upgrade cycle due to shipments on the largest 9.7-inch iPad is a major update in 2013 launched iPad Air, and now two years have passed, once the launch of the new iPad in size will lead to large-scale upgrade tide which pulled shipments.

Followed by the Tablet PC in developed regions has been the time to develop new market segments and turn to market penetration. As this year’s autumn conference, Apple introduced iPad Pro is the tablet PC initiates large enterprise market offensive horn signal, like Samsung’s new 18.4-inch tablet Galaxy View flagship mobile computer, tablet, it will be apparent to expand their use Scenes. Once you can open the market in this area, we believe that the continuation can grow larger tablet.

The third is in the marketing. In the fourth quarter as foreign sales season, with Black Friday, Christmas shopping festivals and other large-scale promotional activities, they tend to release larger purchasing power, according to the latest survey of foreign IT companies to show that the tablet will be those people shopping season in most want to buy digital equipment. In emerging markets, the tablet is far from reach saturation, emerging markets like India and Brazil have a very large sales potential, Lenovo and Huawei’s recent success achieved in these markets and the rise also has a great relationship.

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