Hydraulic Technology Might be Used in Future High-end Watches

If you are a fan of high-end watches, the H Series hydraulic tables from HYT certainly no stranger. Hydraulic rotary table is not simply dependent on movement to power, but to the entire interior of the watch are a combination of hydraulic technology.

And now HYT sister brand Preciflex after receiving the $ 23 million investment will not only introduce more hydraulic watches, and will also introduce more use of hydraulic technology jewelry products. The future, if we see this micro flow control technology in the automotive or medical field, do not be surprised.

HYT does not specifically indicate the future use of hydraulic technology watch would look like, but because of this investment comes from the Nestle company, so the future we will see more or watch using the technology, and the price is not so lofty as they are now .

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