The Forbidden City Makes Her Own Historical Watch

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum, the Forbidden City is offering several traditional enamel manufacturing watch, this is the first time pushed the Forbidden City watch. Forbidden City also made the table, which compelled people curious table made in China can be kind of how? In fact, we do not want to underestimate the domestic watch, after all, there FIYTA and world’s only focused on high-end ceramic watch design produce watch brand Zhang rice, although the movement is not production, but the color value is still high.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum, the Forbidden City launched the “Tianjiao Dragon” and “Wo no like” two exquisite enamel table. These watch from the Forbidden City palace Cultural & Creative team to culture as the basis, select the dragon, phoenix and other elements of traditional culture, combining tradition and innovation enamel, United enamel watch the world’s top masters, design, production and manufacture of enamel watch series not only to commemorate the Ninetieth anniversary of the establishment of the National Palace Museum, it is a tribute to the Chinese enamel arts and crafts. We hope that through the development of this product to protect, and promote China’s long tradition of enamel, so that the traditional artisan spirit has been glow again.

“Soaring” enamel watch dragon whole body of more than 200 the number of scales, and by less than 0.4mm diameter gold eleven pinch complete system, which shows Cloisonne master profound skill. At the same time, scales and delicate color gradation over the dragon, sea color ripple fired enamel masters also showed exquisite use of color original.

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