Traditional Famous Watches Made in China

There is such a number of watch brand, made in China persist. Their goal is like a Swiss watch brand can still among the world’s luxury watches, luxury watches and even ranks. Made watches with innovative technology and encourage support of the state, today’s domestic form has ushered in the great development opportunities. Although the current domestic table in terms of the ratio of Swiss watches still have not a small gap, but the Chinese big development direction of domestic table is worth the wait.

Then how expensive domestic watch it? In 1958, when the watch-listed Shanghai, semi-steel ordinary style watches price 60 yuan, adjusted price of 120 yuan steel, semi-steel 100. This is two and a half ordinary workers wages at the time, but higher than the $ 300 imported watches, but still a lot cheaper. In 1973, the general style gull steel watch priced at 120 yuan, which does not count strap. The price in the domestic watch is the highest level, and more than most people welcome the year imported from Switzerland Enicar, Roman general style brand, which belongs to a price level.

New China was founded just nine years, when Beijing watch factory established neither watch factory, and no professional tabulation equipment, but there is not much financial support, and no production experience technician watches, only produced a clock. In such a poverty-stricken situation, Beijing watch factory with the help of teachers and students at Beijing Institute of Technology, it just through the efforts of three months, modeled after a Swiss watch production of the first batch of 17 watches, these watches was a registered trade name “Beijing” brand, is also a type of watch later. From 1958 to 1961, Beijing Watch Factory produced a total of a 3726-type table. Later developed a type table, because of the limited conditions, the yield is very small, so there is no formal market sales. Several years later, in order to meet market demand, or North watch factory launched a number of “engraved a type table” for the market.

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