Apple Annouced New Policy on April 22

On April 22 Apple announced that starting June 1 all new Apple store login watch application must be “localized”, that these applications can run completely independent of the hardware on your watch, watches and iPhone without going through the coupling back and forth conversion data.

For users, this means quicker and more convenient to use experience, no delay because waiting for iPhone data transfer occur; faster processors will also help to improve the use experience.

The main criticism of the first generation of Apple Watch suffering is that it is more like a secondary accessory rather than a platform, you have to put the watch and the phone is paired to make better use of it. But independent networking functionality and increased requirements alone can run on App Watch App platform allows developers to open the door to a new world, found a lot of new ways.

“Once the application Apple Watch on the can from the iPhone run independently, then they are Apple Watch exclusive applications. But now, wristwatch obviously only a supporting role, because without their phone they can not do anything.” Designed for Apple products developed remote control device Simple Control company CEO said.

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