Brand Watches Cannot be Sold at Only 1,000 Yuan

Since March of this year, Palgongsan Public Security Bureau police in the Mo Pai process found that some people use the micro-channel, unfamiliar street and other chat dating tool for a large number Sign number of internationally famous brand watches models, pictures and the sale of information, related to Tissot, Longines, CK, Casio, Cartier, Tudor, and other international brands of watches. These international brands of watches sales price significantly lower than the market price.

“Pie in the sky will do?” These watches will not suspected counterfeit? Police began a careful investigation by continuously detecting and tracking up to 8 months for internet, and ultimately identify the people behind the low-cost segment sales internationally renowned brand watches through a network, a master and a fixed segment of evidence of a crime, find out in after a hiding dens fake watches, the police quickly attack suspects segment, November 17, the police arrested a suspect segments. Police searched his residence in the sale of counterfeit watches world order receipt total five, there are several hundred thousand dollars the amount of the victim involved is quite broad. A segment of their crime confessed.

According to the suspect segments to an account of his large number of fake online shopping from Beijing, Guangdong and other places of the world famous brand watches, many aspects of network marketing through micro-channel, and other channels unfamiliar street, and reap benefits. Because of the behavior of a suspect allegedly selling counterfeit segment constituted a registered trademark crimes, criminal law to take their police detention.

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