How Many People Will Buy Next Generation Apple Watch?

With the approaching annual WWDC Apple Developers Conference, recently there is news that Apple will launch the second generation of Apple Watch On WWDC, compared with the first generation of Apple Watch, Apple Watch 2 It is reported that there will be more light design and longer battery life, and will join a FaceTime front camera, which means that Apple Watch 2 will likely support and receive calls, and paired with the phone without a state can receive notification.

Although Apple Watch new features 2 new features highlights full, but according to a recent survey, 62% of Apple Watch users will not care about these upgrades, we have decided to buy a second-generation Apple Watch. Market research firm Fluent. Of recently conducted an online survey about the Apple Watch, in 2578 users participated in the survey, of which 8% has Apple Watch, Another 8% have other brands of smart watches, which reflects out of the current situation in the smart watch Apple watch substantially occupy half of the market. And in the loyalty, 62% of users said Apple Watch Apple Watch will definitely buy 2, while the rest of the users will make a decision based on Apple Watch upgrades 2. Furthermore, considering there are more than 80% of users are not smart watches Apple Watch therefore there is still much room for market growth.

According to the survey, Fluent. Of influence consumers to buy Apple Watch represents the most important reason is higher prices. Although last month the price of $ 50, but Apple Watch the starting price is still as high as $ 299, for many users is still relatively high. As for why buy Apple Watch, Apple Watch these users represent functionality and convenience is the primary reason for the importance of a sense of fashion watches as the property is not very high.

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