The Difference Between Traditional and Smart Watch

Smart Watch is currently the best product you have to admit is that Apple’s apple watch, but expensive because the price is too expensive, even though it’s very good, you do not have an IOS device, you also still impossible, so a lot of non-system limitations users IOS device, and stop looking, and non-traditional circular design of the dial, but also to many users do not like, but Apple watch the practicality, entertainment, functionality can be said that the current smart wearable device most powerful .

MOTO 360 is a mobile operating system to support the current mainstream watches, this watch is priced relatively Apple watch, the slightly cheaper, but MOTO 360 block screen is not completely circular, the following part is black It can not be displayed, but this design has also been a lot of users Tucao, so the hearts of many users of smart watches is circular dial, the traditional styles of watches.

And I personally feel that the so-called smart watch, then it must have an independent operating system, if you watch just a push message, you can only look at the notice, or sleep test, the other can not do anything, then this also called smart watch? inWatch T exclusive TencentOS can make you feel really smart watch operating system.

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