Buy Rado Watch from A Commercial Center

Now, we could just keep wear watches to see time, but evolved into a symbol of decoration, good watch or identity. Buy table, we not only look at the performance of the watch, but also concerned about the luxury property on the watch. Mrs Yam Yantai bought a watch, adorned with the eight of diamonds on the yuan value, however, has recently been struggling with this watch.

Mrs Yam Yantai Zhaoyuan, 2013, in Zhaoyuan City Zhenhua purchased a commercial value of more than thirteen thousand yuan of Rado watches, some time ago, wearing the cap off the table in the process. Subsequently, Miss Ren was later found a watch repair store counter.

Yantai Zhaoyuan Miss Ren told people living Shandong Television channel “live help” Reporter: “to get the mall, go to repair them, said to be sent to Shanghai that side, one to two months to be repaired, sent in the past, that the mall side fill a list to me, is that they watch with plastic wrap, and took, took later, and so I’ll get this watch, I found that I had this watch with the watch dial is not the same. “

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