Feedback of Brand Watch from E School

Since I have seen on television after the news very worried about the risk of my child, he is also a seven-year-old child, usually very cheerful character, like children playing football in a cell together, we usually busy working, sometimes the weekend to work overtime, usually the grandmother to take him, but sometimes the grandmother can not accompany the child to play, then the child to go out and play, then how to ensure his security?

A lot of people gave me with a recommendation, since they feel so unsafe outside, so do not let the children go out to play football, but I think this approach is a temporary solution, just hyperactive children are now older, if not let him out to play then may suppress his nature, so that he gradually became introverted, this is my wish to see.

At this time it was recommended to me by e school letter watches, they say that the watch can be precise positioning, no matter where the child will be able to know, but also to answer the call for help and one-button functionality, many tenants have bought a cell after I heard the news rushed to the school children to buy an e letter watches after wearing a very nice boy, and his son also said that this watch looks very interesting, he took the watch to school every day, on weekends, they also with his play, so it seems his son’s safety should be a protection.

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