Home-made Smart Watch Worth to Buy

Now many intelligent hardware manufacturers and software vendors depth cooperation to jointly build an excellent product, but this last year released inWatch T, finally officially on sale this year, and yesterday I was rough to introduce this product, today, I on everyone to learn more about what this product has a feature of it!

First of all, I believe that a good smart phone watch must have a similar kind of operating system, currently most of the smart watch in addition to Huawei, Apple, MOTO, as well as domestic ticwatch like, others are built several features that can only as a pedometer, with a push message, not real operating system.

Although many smart watch support QQ, micro-channel push notification message, but can not respond directly, but inWatch T’s unique micro-channel QQ, direct voice reply, make your communication easier. Intelligent voice interaction of this feature in the current smart watch market which, only just above those brands I mentioned, while other brands not in order, inWatch T has a “porpoise” intelligent voice system that can make you more easy to quickly open applications.

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