The Future Development of Apple Watch

Apple Watch after Cook in charge of Apple, Apple for the first time into a new product category. For this smart watch industry is late in the product, the industry and consumers to evaluate favorable and unfavorable. Recently, Apple executives said that “not enough” seems to imply that Apple Watch does not appear the company look forward to hot situation when it comes to Apple Watch sales.

Recently, senior vice president of Apple in charge of operations Jeff Williams (JeffWilliams) in a publicly accepted the US technology news site Re / code co-founder Mossberg interview, talked about the Apple Watch, wearable device market and so on.
Williams is responsible for Apple’s operations, also previously served as CEO Cook engaged in the business, Williams reportedly in the industry known as “Cook’s Cook.” In addition to managing the supply chain outside of Apple, Williams is also involved in R & D management Apple Watch project, which belongs to a better understanding of the progress of the executives Apple Watch.

Apple Watch has been available in the past few months, but we all know that, due to problems encountered in the production of spare parts, this product suffered a tight supply and demand, today Apple is still not available for sale in retail entity States.

Since the initial listing appeared in short supply upstream supply chain problems, so Wall Street analysts more consistent view is: still unable to determine Cook led Apple Watch, if successful, whether as the year iPhone smartphone and iPad tablet Like, “re-invent” smart watch.

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