Watch OS System Learns to be Open

Apple’s closed system in the field of smart watch the final choice open. September 22, was bouncing WatchOS 2.0 officially released, third-party applications to open more authority is considered to be learning Android Wear, the biggest attraction. The open system privileges, the introduction of third-party applications, has become the main direction of domestic and foreign manufacturers force smartwatch areas and new battlefield.

It is understood that, in addition to regular upgrades and smarter Siri, Apple and Google in the smart watch area layout convergence into focus. By comparison is not difficult to see that Apple and Google began to appear more and more common in voice assistant and open policies. Both focus on improving their own voice assistant, Siri and Google Now smart watch for continuous optimization, display voice services in the field of wearable importance, particularly on the small screen smart watches become a consensus.

2.0 Another major change WatchOS, third-party applications have access to the heart rate sensor, acceleration sensors, microphones, digital crown and Taptic Engine vibrators and other hardware access. Apple chose a more open policies to attract smart watch application developers, and also the last two years Google I / O conference published the content and layout similar. It has always been known for a closed system of Apple, in the smart watch area change inherent ideas, and Google Android Wear the same choice open to third-party developers to prove that smart watches to attract more third-party applications and excellent service join an important future direction of development.

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