3,000 Watches were Sold Each Day

In response to strong user demand, to solve the previous release event appears in the “second light” status. Since August 13, 360 children in the third generation 360 guards open the mall to buy, every day 3000 stock sale. And without waiting, after users confirm the order can be shipped the next day. However, according to the user experience feedback, the volume of equipment even if the current 3,000 units a day, to 10:00 opening time, were all sold out within two seconds, is still “slow-fast chips have hands-free.”

Sales are booming, the user sought, the reason is that 360 children defenders 3rd generation cost is indeed similar products currently outstanding. The price of 399 yuan, 360 children defenders 3rd generation set aerospace grade positioning system, receive calls, a key SOS alert, 10S recording, Bluetooth accompanied by security zone, children’s micro-channel, sports pedometer, and many other functions in one, very competitive .

It is understood that 360 children defenders with five 3-generation chip, quadruple positioning technology (GPS, WiFi, base stations, gravity sensor), in which the Swiss U-BLOX chip products, positioning accuracy and greater signal stability, even if the signal unstable interior, 360 children guards 3 generations can also do precise positioning anti-lost. At the same time, trajectory tracking, security zone settings, Bluetooth anti-lost key to a warning and SOS alarm function can also protect the safety of the baby, and up to 5 days of life leaving the child to travel is guaranteed.

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