Super War between Apple and Its Competitive Systems

Apple Watch sales of speculation, Apple can not hide boost smart watch market, it is Apple Watch strong start, make smart watch has become the focus of national concern. And in the Android camp domestic limited circumstances, domestic manufacturers in terms of hardware and software performance is very eye-catching, with TencentOS represented by third-party system continues to fall, became the key to the smart watch market ushered in the outbreak.

Apple Watch on April 24 officially on sale, with 38 mm and 42 mm in two different sizes of the dial, and is divided into Sport, Limited Edition and Deluxe Edition three different styles. Apple Watch can send and receive text messages, make phone calls, play music, send and receive e-mail, check the weather, calendar reminders, motion detection and other operations, but will need to use after connecting iPhone. Until Apple released in June WatchOS 2.0, the opening of new development tools to application developers more freedom and allowed third-party applications run directly on the watch.

Because of Apple’s second-quarter earnings will be Apple Watch classified as “other category”, does not disclose specific sales data, media and institutions caused widespread speculation on its sales. But after the official listing of Apple retail stores around the line of user experience, Apple still demonstrate strong brand appeal. In addition to Apple, Andrews camp the same action again and again. However, due to restrictions Android Wear and services, currently in the country can not show full strength. However, LG, Huawei, MOTO and other vendors to create outstanding products, or by the user of great concern.

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