Tissot Watch Might be Fake?

Find sellers negotiate, the seller either did not answer or answered very slowly. The seller repeatedly expressed its willingness to repair, but when allowed to provide repair table address, the other party has no reply. “I say, you, as a five diamond seller, how bad faith is also the time to buy Speak now to address maintenance are afraid to, but also how dare buy online watch your home? “in order to repair watches things, it had got to the seller several times to discuss that.

Period, it had got to have Tissot watch store consultation. However, the store clerk said, where to buy it where maintenance. After returning home, she had got out invoices, this notice is available from this list in Hong Kong. However, she found a detail invoice “consignee” column did not name, but in the “handle” and a column written his name. “I doubt they sell may not be genuine, because it is purchased online, and now do not know how to rights.” Zhou said.

After receiving complaints, reporters she had got to open the shop link provided found that the shop no longer exists. However, the owner of QQ information can also be seen, the shop owner is also linked to the link in his “personal notes” on and called the store to promote its luxury boutiques, selling world famous brand watches, genuine purchasing bags, belts, eyewear and fragrances.

Subsequently, the reporter found through web search, this “Biaoliruyi watch store” as early as 2011, had been posting complaints. The complaint alleges that the pat network this watch shop to buy a watch, then watch broken Depot Repair other income 100 yuan maintenance costs, can not send the watch back. Thereafter, when then contact the other party, the other party refused to answer the phone.

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