Apple would Like to Save Its Watch Market

Apple Watch Consequently, market evaluation bad. Apple has introduced a variety of rescue action. According to reports, Apple retail stores this week, Apple Watch will try to cancel the reservation system.

According to the US technology news site 9to5Mac reported that Apple retail store employees, the company has received notice from some time beginning of this week, will not require users try Apple Watch reservations in advance. Into the retail consumer, you can try to wear watches anywhere.

It is reported that the consumer if, after trying on in Apple’s official website to order, you can leave the email address to the clerk to try to save some of the information Apple Watch, for example, to evaluate a variety of strap and preferences and so on.

After Apple Watch listed, Apple requires consumers want to try them, you must make an appointment in advance. US media said that this is Apple’s Apple Watch sales stimulate another move. Not long ago, the first time Apple introduces the Apple Watch outside retail stores in the United States and Canada Best Buy retail stores, consumers can buy part of the model Apple Watch.

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