Running Logic Design Softwares for Apple Watch

Apple Watch before the vast majority of software applications running on the “partner” of Apple’s mobile phone application processor, Bluetooth communications mode user interface is transmitted to the watch system, which leads to the watch software runs slowly. According to foreign media news, starting in June, Apple will only allow the native software uploaded to the Apple Watch software store, meaning that all newly developed software will run on Apple Watch processor.

According to the US technology media reports, Apple has just this change will inform all the Apple Watch software developers, from June 1 this year began, the watch non-native software, will not be able to download in the Apple App Store shelves.

Apple’s first generation of watch systems and applications running logic design software experience Apple Watch cause bad run Caton. In 2015, Apple executives watch business has clearly announced at the press conference, the future operating system modified watch WatchOS 2, it will be logical to run more software, transferred from smartphones to Apple Watch. Thus, Apple Watch will become a more independent electronic device, to reduce dependence on the Apple phone.

It is reported that since last September, a number of Apple Watch software developers have begun to gradually upload native software. From the beginning of June, all developers will only be able to develop native software.

According to reports, under the non-native software mode, run Apple Watch and more processing on your phone, so you can upgrade Apple Watch battery life, but all of the user interface and data information needs of the Apple Watch and iPhone among frequent transmission, which allows software to run more slowly.

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