Swiss Watches Plan to Make More Smart Watches in the Future

Recently, in the fourth quarter of 2015, sales data the global market research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics released the latest smart watches in the first quarter of global exports exceeded the Swiss watch, while Apple’s market share to 63 percent topping the list. It is reported that this may indicate at Apple, driven by smart watch is becoming mainstream.

Swiss Watch Industry Federation president Jean Daniel told Chengdu Business Daily Reporter interview, denied that smart watches are the main factors affect the Swiss watch market. He believes that smart watches indeed constitute a new phenomenon, but different products to meet different people’s expectations. In his view, the smart watch in the future and not a substitute for the traditional Swiss watch, but he acknowledged that the Swiss watch industry is moving into smart watches.

Strategy Analytics recently reported in the fourth quarter of 2015 the global smart watch total shipments reached 8.1 million, while the total Swiss watch shipments of 7.9 million, Swiss watch exports worldwide last year compared to 8.3 million decreased 5% .

Reported that the smart watch on sales in the fourth quarter for the first time a Swiss watch reversal. In the smart watch vendors, particularly Apple Watch (Apple Watch) led. Its fourth-quarter shipments of about 5.1 million, with 63% market share topped the list. North America, Western Europe, and Asia is the fast-growing smart watch industry’s main consumer market.

Since the launch of smart watches, Swiss watches are considered to be rivals, even “traditional watch industry will be smart watch manufacturers subversion” forecast. But the power of the new generation smart watch shows on behalf of the real threat, after the official debut at Apple Watch.

This argument seems to be evidence-based. Last April, Apple Watch smart watches started to accept reservations, there were reports that in May last year, is the first full sales month after the world premiere of the Apple Watch, Swiss watch exports fell 8.9%. The data show that the Swiss watch manufacturers in export volume last September plunged 9.9 percent, the decline in the third quarter of last year reached 8.5 percent, the highest since the third quarter of 2009, sales of the largest single-quarter decline on record.

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