The Top 10 Smart Watches Throughout the World

100 years ago, there had been a dispute about the watch: the watch do the decorations, or do the decorations on your watch? But in the end it did not accept the ring or add a dial, did not do too much decoration on a brooch on your watch.

Today, with the development of science and technology, the concept of smart wearable device hot, it was once again the “idea” hit the watch. Since the “smart watch” was born in this era of pop “subversion” concept, which is a lot of people watch pinned to overturn the traditional open future expectations smart wearable device. Grand blueprint drawn, the only other intelligent incoming tide, many entrepreneurs cult following, a lot of manufacturers are busy layout card, smart watches became science and technology in the field of “darling”, VC were chasing each object, they show exactly how ?

By 2015, the domestic smart watch competing bucket Yan, such as GEAK WATCH II, Ticwatch, bong X2, PAY WATCH, etc., caused by the introduction of Huawei Watch climax domestic smart watch market, set a new benchmark for domestic smart watches.

Pinkang intelligent Statistics 2015 domestic intelligence watch crowdfunding TOP10 charts raising a total of nearly 50 million yuan, the highest single fund-raising nearly 15 million yuan, the amount of funding so stunning, what is the smart watch Which create it?

Compass Heart Smart SOS Children watch has a help function key, the electronic fence, double talk, voice intercom, monitoring, Bluetooth anti-lost historical trajectory, interference-free class, real-time positioning and other functions, which can support my father, mother, grandparents, etc. multi-APP end users can simultaneously view three baby’s real-time position. The product uses high-performance Swiss UBLOX positioning chip, antenna and high-sensitivity ceramic top environmental shatterproof screen. 7 colors heart replacement, may also DIY into a watch, pendant, positioning bags, chest paste, etc., can be worn to wear.

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