Watch cannot be Repaired Where You Buy?

Such frequent reported cases, consumers may see sales warranty watch this more special commodity not particularly understand. It is called special because it is particularly sophisticated equipment, the majority of high-quality watches origin are Switzerland, Germany, etc., it is part of customer service will be much more complex than other commodities. We specifically consulted Hendry Group Sheng Shiwei repair, to answer some basic on-sale problems.

General brand will watch the warranty coverage is written in the instructions on the site and authorized warranty repair points usually are based on the warranty card, that the guests present security card, insurance card information to determine whether complete, test and maintenance division will be man-made or product their own problems. Usually in the non-human factors will warranty Oh!

In most cases it is possible, but we must be sure to look official authorized repair service point or label point. And watch purchased abroad should be careful of security card complete information, or if it is invalid insurance card will not void the warranty, the costs incurred to the consumers themselves.

Of course, there is a situation of some limited edition watches or complex models, since there is no corresponding domestic watch parts, even if under warranty must also be sent to the factory for repair, which would have cost.

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