What are the Ten Watch Brands Enjoyed by Most People?

Many ranking rarely the Zenith ranked in the top 10, but we believe that the strength and contribution of watchmaking Zenith are not to be underestimated. First thing to say, as a group LVMH watch “Ace”, technical strength Zenith is time-tested, El Primero movement, his invention is not only high-quality products Zenith, also called the system table one of the most famous in the history of the movement, at a time of precision on doing a great job, and even the timing accurate to 1/10 of a second, the secret of which lies in the balance wheel of earthquake frequency, other movement fastest shake it 8 times per second, while the El Primero has reached 10 times. To this end, the movement in the development of Shihai added a number of innovative technologies, including the movement to ensure long-term stability of dry lubrication technology. In addition, Zenith also has such “sophisticated” Sesame chain watchmaking brand one of only a handful of three.

Apart from having a huge global market share, Omega watchmaking technology also made a good contribution, first of all say that Omega is the first to be put on the watch brand in space, there is no “two brushes” will not do it a little. In addition, the magnetic Omega also impressive results, Omega launched in 2013 is currently the highest coefficient of magnetic movement, up to 15,000 Gauss magnetic, and anti-magnetic watch many of the same claims as compared to the number of several segments have been unknown up, because other anti-magnetic watch up to 1000 gauss magnetic However, even hundreds of Gauss, of course, this is almost enough to withstand everyday life we ‚Äč‚Äčencounter in the field, because the agenda of over 100 Gauss magnetic field life things are very rare.

Founded in 1868, the IWC nations form known as “mechanical experts” he said, and one of the reasons IWC in many fans hearts table has been occupying an important position is both tough and delicate gentleman temperament. We want to know, is located in the IWC Swiss town of Schaffhausen, unlike the majority of French-speaking Switzerland, France and even the descendants of the founder of the watch brand, Schaffhausen belongs to German-speaking Switzerland, Germany and adjacent founder Jones Mr. immigrants came from the United States, so that the brand beginning with the industrial revolution came the mission, committed to innovative mechanical watchmaking industry, we can say the IWC born with an international range of children and modern industrial atmosphere. In addition, it must be pointed out that, Pellaton winding system the IWC invention revolutionized the winding mechanism of a mechanical watch.p

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