Hackers Attack Smart Watches

“Every child wristwatch phone ID number is unique, after obtaining the ID number, enter directly attack program, you can attack the children watch the phone.” Lee made live demonstrations, he writes his own prepared over a period of attack program piece children watch phone ID number, then attack, and soon appeared on the computer screen phone watch this child where the latitude and longitude numbers. The latitude and longitude input Baidu map, soon showed the precise location where the watch is the day where the monarch Identification Laboratory, the map display is very accurate. “Through this principle, I can actually choose any one of the ID number to locate.” Lee made immediately enter another ID number, the program will soon reflect its longitude and latitude by Baidu map, the location of this watch is located in telephone Children Tongliang County Zhongxing Road, a number.

Children watch phone control, why so easy? “Mainly due to manufacturers in the ordinary watch increase networking capabilities, through the back-end server as a hub, the parent cell phones and children’s watches linked. Since some manufacturers server importance is not enough, and even some manufacturers do not have their own server, children phone watch the most critical piece of services outsourced to other service providers, security doubts. hackers will server as a node to attack the server weak vendors are easily controlled. “Lee Yan explains, for instance, many children phone watches only on the phone end was identification, are required to enter the login password when you first log in, but did not watch the end identity protection, so there is an opportunity.

Lee made an attack reset procedure, the Southern reporter identified phone number into the program. “Because listeners are generally required in the case where the listener is not aware of was, so I operation, through the program, to control the smart phone for dialing, call your phone, you answer a side, you can hear children phone watch here all sounds. “Jun identify the scene, attacked children watch phone has been in the black state, there is no indication, the reporters were shown to phone numbers. “This is a piece of children’s watch phone call back.” Jun Identification holding a cell phone went outside to connect the call, and the general call, very clearly hear all the sound chamber. If it is in real life, children wear this watch phone children being monitored by hackers, hackers will always be able to understand that the child’s life, learning to master the daily regularity.

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