Shop Shanghai Watch from Eastern China Shopping Mall

“The reason you want to promote the culture to create these columns, is hoping to be more emphasis on regional characteristics, reflecting the Shanghai culture, recalling the old feelings.” Vice President East shopping, spokesman Li Hui Rong told news reporters surging, Shanghai has many significant cultural characteristics of the goods or food, and contains certain historical and cultural heritage, grew up in Shanghai for many people who grew up with a clear nostalgia. “Of course, we do not just stay in the previous days, but hope to have more new content, can be improved on a cultural level, better able to highlight the urban culture and urban civilization, and to achieve economic effects social effects double harvest. ”

Another section of the East about on-line shopping, it is 50 years of age in the elderly population and specially built. This column aims to bring fashion to the elderly healthy, happy and colorful old age. “We want to close in the elderly daily, and recommended their lives related products, change Guadan retirement, so that they feel more younger, more dynamic, more in line with the fashion, high quality of life. “Li Hui Rong said that the specific kitchen life may include food, clothing and headgear shoe bags, daily life category, health care, tourism and other categories.

Li Hui Rong said that in the past twelve years in the East shopping always adhere to the highest standards of quality management requirements, the future will continue to attach importance to and strengthen the quality management. “For example, silk, feather and other special materials and the customer is not easy to distinguish the goods, the general standard platforms are reviewed written materials, high standard inspection platform itself; however, the Oriental shopping is on this basis, there will be large when commodity warehousing cargo sampling. “she told news reporters surging” large cargo sampling “means that the sample test report is not directed against the paper suppliers, but from time to time to be shipped to the customer’s physical random sample, is detected the actual quality of the case is about the customer received the goods.

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