Why Would People Like to Buy Swiss Watches Instead of Home-made Ones?

Most people do not understand China’s watch industry in the world watch industry division of labor has occupied an important position, and is its unique advantages, faster and larger, comprehensive high degree of integration with the world watch industry. This advantage is mainly reflected in the complete industrial chain, excellent value for money, deeply rooted in traditional culture.

In modern society, the manpower multiple phones, each phone has a timekeeping function, smart phones can automatically connect to the network precise timing, it seems that the traditional wristwatch has been unnecessary. Reporters learned in the interview, the phone’s timekeeping function did not affect people’s consumption of watches to buy. In the subway, bus and many other public places, wear fashionable beautiful people intentionally or unintentionally flashed worn on the wrist of the various styles of luxury watches.

However, little attention is not difficult to find, on some occasions, tall, worn by high-end people, still the majority of the Swiss watch brand, relatively few made watches. It should be recognized that China watches manufacturing, precision manufacturing as a category, with the representatives of the world’s top manufacturing level watch Swiss watch industry, there is still a gap. Because Swiss watch brand has long been popular. In the construction of the watch brand has done relatively little, late start, work hard enough, visibility has been stagnant domestic table. This causes a phenomenon of Chinese people when buying watches, often first think of Swiss brands, domestic brands want for less.

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