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September 16, Haley biological Yunnan Summit Conference held in Kunming, Yunnan formal Security Council all hotels in Kunming enjoy “Spring City” reputation, Yunnan Province of politics, economy, culture, science and technology, transportation center, the western region is an important center of the city and tourism, commercial city, is also China to Southeast Asia, South Asia, ASEAN open an important hub city, but also biological Haley “core immunity” National Bank –CPMA experience storm “an important station on Haili biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haley biological) Managing Director Mr. Su Bin, animal Science and technology, Guangxi University Professor Huang Weijian preventive Veterinary Medicine teaching Research Office, Mr. Albert Haley European service Director biotechnology, biological livestock veterinary services Haley West / South District Mr. Li Jiang manager, Mr. Haley and other biological livestock Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and manager Ye Kui, head of the local farming enterprises in Yunnan, distributors, media representatives from more than 140 people attended the day’s activities. co-organizer of this event is Haley biological Kunming, Yunnan partner of Farming Technology Park Limited.

Su chief representative Haley biological express my heartfelt thanks to the arrival of distinguished guests and about the biological status of Haley and the future, so that we better understanding Haley company. Then the Soviet Union to make a total analysis of technological innovation model organisms Haley: Haley biological research Cooperation with independent research and development combined with the Ministry of Agriculture and the national agricultural harvest and the Shanghai Science and Technology Invention Award. Haley found biological future sustainable development will be divided into four directions: adhere to the concept of marketing, scientific and technological innovation, product lines and rich success livestock IPO listing. In May 2015 and has been listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange officially listed, the development of biological Haley will like gangbusters!

Professor Huang as the guests share the “prevalence of diarrhea disease prevention and control measures,” he used a wealth of clinical cases and laboratory test data to prove the culprit since 2011 winter diarrheal disease is porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, and explained the current prevention and control of swine major problems exist with the farms mixed infection (especially rings, pseudorabies, blue ear disease, etc.) increasing, diarrhea situation is still grim. Mistakes that current prevention and control PEDV mainly by breast milk lgA rather than IgG, Professor Huang said: vaccination is still an important measure to reduce the occurrence of diarrhea, in theory, “live vaccine and inactivated vaccine,” the most effective method of immunization, mother pigs immunized twice prenatal best. Professor Huang rich clinical experience and rigorous academic attitude has been the guests of identity.

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