Best Home Made Smart Watch Used for Winning International Market

Recently we received an amazing smart watch, shape looks very close to the famous Samsung smart watch –Galaxy Gear, but in fact it is completely based on the depth of the development of a smart watch this from Zhuhai Shi Jin Electronic Technology Co., the company’s products, model SKWATCH-I products, the biggest selling point is pure “native design.” Here we take a look at this product:

From the appearance point of view, although a little thicker than the Galaxy Gear, but with a new strap design, the moderately higher wearing comfort. In addition, the abolition of the cumbersome rear camera (Samsung Galaxy Gear built only 200W camera), with the depth of customization through the system, more endurance, 3-4 days normal use without any problems.

Product on the right is the power button, and the bottom right is the microphone hole. The main take the microphone voice control, phone calls and other functions. In the next version of the software upgrade, the microphone will also support IFLYTEK voice recognition capabilities, and provide services such as embedded translation, VOD and other functions.

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