FIYTA Attracts International Stars Louis Koo

As the first unit made watches, FIYTA is how to attract international stars Louis Koo and high round goddess of all ages, and what is extraordinary charm so that the general public can not help it? Please carefully read this article true story, the answer is on the inside.

One day a few months ago, FIYTA general manager’s office received a handwritten thank-you note, a letter that a 70-year-old King. The reason to write this letter of thanks, from the sale of his piece FIYTA has worn for 20 years FIYTA watch repair services.

Wang, who lives in Shenyang, in 1994, in a Harmony World Watch Centre Shenyang most prosperous sections, he and a gold-plated watch FIYTA has a perfect “encounter,” I did not expect this situation actually lasted 20 years.

Old memories, although only at the price list, the top of his year’s wages, but he did not know how going children, one can buy. “After bought, I love it, and this feeling lasted for 20 years.” Said the old man, he tends to like the hand wipe dial and strap. Although he knows it waterproof, but water is stained a little distressed for a long time, but also blowing and wiping. Let old grandson often hear Table box “tick tick” sound, then together we learned together will laugh looking at the watch, his face filled with happiness.

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