New Smart Watch Made by LG

LG suspended sales of this smart watch, mainly because it found itself there is some quality problems. As to whether LG will re-sell the equipment in the future, it is not yet determined. Reported that a few days ago, South Korea’s LG Electronics and the US telecommunications company AT & T cooperation, grand release this new smart watch and announced the operating system update for this watch Andrews (dressed version).

LG Watch Urbane LTE is the first Andrews watches, mobile data can be connected with a plurality of function buttons, is a wearable device can initiate a speaker and voice calling. LG Watch Urbane2 is LG in October this year demonstrated a smart watch, and in November began selling in the United States and South Korea, the price is $ 199 (about 1270 yuan).

Reported that this device is not only the first to bring LTE support, the market is also equipped with the highest resolution (480 × 480) display. Official promo introduced, said it is no longer a cell phone accessories, you can call independence after inserting the SIM card.

In response to this situation, LG Electronics official said, the LG Watch Urbane LTE generation production process, the company found that there was a hardware engineer technical problems that may affect the daily work of smart watches. After further investigation, we believe that this technical problem is more complex, so the company had decided to cancel the sale of new watches.

Has purchased a new watch for consumers, AT & T customer service staff Malcolm said recently purchased this watch has notified the users that the company can provide a refund, to recall the product, in addition can also choose to replace the other in sales smart watch.

US tech site The Verge contacted on the matter an LG spokesman, is not yet clear which represents a restocking sale date, also refused to disclose details about the hardware problem. Another US mobile communications giant Verizon Wireless on-line sale on November 20, is also announced the suspension of new smart watch reservation activities.

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